maanantai 21. toukokuuta 2018

Almost done

Hello guys. Last week I was waiting something exited to happen, and then I just totally forgot to do this post. So that's why this post is super late.

Well, nothing amazing hasn't happend, but soon (next week) we're back in Finland. Yayy. I can finally see my dog again. And also next week we'll graduate. Finally! Three years has passed, grazy.. But yeah, back to Barcelona. This is our last whole week in the work, and I'm just so exited. Nothing amazing has happend, Just work, work, work, work and so on. And also alot of sleep, sleep, sleep. Now at the end it's kinda boring to do this blog, now that nothing has happend. At work it's kinda boring also.

Okay, I really don't know what to write here, I'm just tired and bored all the time. Hahaha okay, maybe we'll do still one post later this week. Or not. We'll see.


keskiviikko 9. toukokuuta 2018


Another week has passed by.. Our friend from Finland came to see us this week. I have been making some 12h shifts at work so I had one extra day off. I had some time to show him around and go see some attractions.

We took him to see the famous church, Sagrada Familia. It is so beautiful and detailed. We didn’t buy the tickets to go inside as the line can take hours and we weren’t that interested.

We went to Bunkers del Carmel which is a lookout spot on top of a small mountain. You can see the whole city from there.
Bunkers del Carmel

Some stairs to Tibidabo
From the Bunkers we walked to around Park Güell. We got an idea to go see Tibidabo, a mountain with a church and an amusement park on top. We checked the directions from google maps which showed us a route with three changes to the cable car. We noticed from the metro map that there is a faster route to the other cable car and decided to take the shortcut. As we were on a bus in middle of nowhere going to the cable car, some nice spanish guy told us that this cable car is only in use on weekends and holidays which would mean a 30 minute walk to the top. We decided to walk as it was only 30 minutes. After an at least one hour walk we realized that we had probably taken the wrong route as there was still a looong way to go up. Our mobile services weren’t working well cause we were so high on the mountain. After 15 kilometers of walking we got to the top and took a bus back down. We didn’t go to the amusement park because it had closed 3 hours before we arrived 😊
Sunset in Tibidabo
… At least the views were amazing and sunset was beautiful.

Although work is sometimes heavy, everything is fine.

Saludos, Tuihti

tiistai 1. toukokuuta 2018

Another week in Barcelona

Hi guys!

Another week has passed and nothing new happend. Atmosphere at work is sometimes a bit tight, because all the reforms there and actually nobody is happy about them. Some staff has left the company and now the rest of us is trying to do like two peoples work there and it's stressful for everybody.

I had a talk with our boss last week because of he has put 4weekd in a row only bar shifts for me and I think I already know everything in the bar, but Would be fantastic to advance my skills in the reception. We'll see what happens.

One month has passed and still one month to go. We're always doing night shifts or late bar shifts so we've been too tired on daytime to go out and see sightseeings. But I think next week we're going to see some. It's just so tiring to do night shifts all the time and then sleep the whole day. The situtation here is not the best, but Would be worse.

I don't have much to write, last friday we had overbooking at work and we just had to wait untill 3-4am so we could do no shows and the give beds to customers who actually came. Can't understand why some booking sources still sells bed even though everything is sold... All's well that ends well.

I don't have pictures now of anything new, but maybe this week we'll do something nice and we'll reoprt it at the begging of next week.


maanantai 23. huhtikuuta 2018

Duties at our work placement


From the front of the hostel
We came here to learn more about our school module ”Use of travel agency reservation systems”. Our work placement was supposed to be mainly in the reception but both of us have been doing quite many shifts at the hostel’s bars as well.

In the reception we have mostly been doing night shifts. This week I got to do a couple of day shifts as well. We have learned to use a new reservation system called Cloudbeds. Both of us have been using other reservation systems before, so it was quite easy for us to learn how to use it. Our main duties at the reception are check-in, check-out, charging, customer service, tourist information, making reservations, filling in customer details, assigning rooms, answering emails, the phone and reviews and messages on Sometimes we’ve got some unusual tasks like for example going to a store to buy some utensils, calling an ambulance, checking why there is a fire alarm or breaking a padlock from a locker.

At the hostel we have two bars, one at the second floors common area and one at the seventh floors terrace. I have been doing shifts at the second floors bar which is open from 6pm to 2am. Pihla has been working at the seventh floor. The second floors bar is at the hostel’s
common area with TVs, computers, foosball and a kitchen. My main duties are serving drinks, playing music, keeping the kitchen and the common area clean, chatting with the customers and opening the luggage room. Most common drinks are different coffees, beer, wine and sangria. We also sell a lot of other products like sodas, mojitos, breezers and chips. At the bar we don’t charge the customers. There is a ticket machine where they need to buy their drinks from. Sometimes it’s very quiet at the bar and I have time to chat with the customers. I have learned sooo much from new cultures there.
Saludos, Tuihti

Silent night at the reception 

at the 2nd floors bar with no customers

maanantai 16. huhtikuuta 2018

Busy, but nice week

Hi guys!

This post was supposed to be of our work, but I didn't get a change to take pictures of the hostel. It has been a busy week there: we had a fire alarm going on in the middle of the night (some kids was spraying deodorant in the room), hostel fully booked, some troubles with groups behaving badly, someone tried to sneak in without having a reservation, etc. This list could go on and on.

We're now also selling coctails in the bar, so we're learning how to do mojitos, daquiries, etc. I think it's nice to learn something else too than only pour beers and sangrias from the tap.

We also heard that there will be three new interns during April, so I really hope that we're not going to do night shifts this much anymore. It's rough sometimes.

But we also have something good for you too! My sister came to visit here, it was nice to see her. I just had to quide her and her friend from the airport to their hotel (i didn't even knew the hotel before she told me) and recommend some places to eat, see, etc. I feel so local now!! Also Tuihtis mom came to visit and she has been spending time with her. So nothing exited has happend during last week.

Here is a picture of my work view from the 7th floor rooftop bar during sunset :)

Last November-December I had a spanish girl living with me during her internship in Finland. This week i went to her hometown Badalona and met her parents. They were super nice, even though they didn't speak much english. They wanted me to try some traditional Catalan food. It was super duper weird, but good!

 Fried meat and onions which you had to peel and dip to the sauce....
 Mixed plate of _everything_: chicken, pork,.. I don't eve nremember what there was, but super good!

And the dessert. I guesss it's not that traditional Catalan dessert, but it was good!
We also ate some kind of flower which you only ate the roots of the leafs. Didn't get a picture of that, but it was good too. Kinda weird compared to finnish food (makaroonilaatikko).
In the end the week was nice.
Chao, Pihla

maanantai 9. huhtikuuta 2018

Residencia Universitaria Augusta

Hey guys!

It's Tuihti writing. This week we've learned a lot in our internship, seen many places in Barcelona and visited our cooperation school Col·legi Badalonès. We have a lot to tell but this week I'll tell you about the residence we're staying at. 

The residence is located in the area of Gràcia. The walk to our work placement takes about 15 minutes, and around 20 minutes to the city center, Placa de Catalunya. There is also a metrostation right in front of the residence so it's easy to go anywhere.

In the residence we share bathrooms, a study room, common areas and two balconies. We both took the accommodation as half board, which means that we get breakfast every day and we can choose between lunch or dinner on weekdays. The breakfast is a typical Mediterranean breakfast; coffee, juice, cereals, bread, yogurt and fruits. The food has been very good, we get two dishes, usually a soup and the main course. On weekends we can cook our own food in the kitchens.

Pihla at the reception
I have my own small single room and Pihla is sharing one with a Spanish girl. In our rooms we have a bed, cabinet, study desk, tv and a fridge. The rooms get cleaned every week By the residence. They would also wash our laundry for 25 € extra per month but we chose to wash them our selves in the laudry room.

I am not sure of the exact amount of people living here but I assume around 30. All of us are students. Most of the students here are Spanish and have lived here even for a few years. Everyone seems nice but we haven't yet got to know them very well. The receptionists are also very nice and helpful.

Here is a link to their website:

Pihla will be writing you next week.

Besos, Tuihti

maanantai 2. huhtikuuta 2018


We're two finnish girls from Perho Culinary, Tourism and Business College. We're here in Barcelona for 2 months doing our last internship before graduating.

We came here 27th of March and started our work the next day. There has been a few problems with our starting days, but now after a week it's better. We though that we're going to work in Equity Point Centric, but turned out that the whole hostel chain has been sold and now our work place is called Safestay Barcelona Passeig de Gràcia.

At first when we went to the hostel it was still a little unclear who's responsible for training us. Due to selling the hostel chain, the person who signed our contracts, isn't working there anymore. Soon the really nice receptionist figured things out and we started our shifts at reception and breakfast. We also got our shifts for the next month.

At the reception the reservation system is completely new to us. Both of us have worked at receptions before so it is quite easy for us to learn. We started with check-ins and -outs. For the first month we'll have mostly night shifts so we've been looking at no shows and group reservations as well. Calling an ambulance is also something we've got to deal with.

Few days a week both of us work at the hostels bars. In the hostel there are two bars, one at the 7th floors terrace and one at 2nd floors common area. At the bars we have time to talk to the customers. We have learned a lot about new cultures already.

Our work mates and customers at the hostel are really nice. There are a lot of people from all around the world. The hostel is really chill and most of the customers are young.

The place we're living at is called Residencia Universitaria Augusta. It is located in the Gràcia neighbourhood, 15 minute walk from our work placement. At the residence we have common areas, terraces, study area, kitchen, tv room etc. Pihla is sharing a room with a spanish girl she hasn't met yet and Tuihti has her own small single room. We get breakfast and one meal a day from here. The receptionist are really nice and helpful. We haven't really got to know the students yet.

We're both very exited about our future here in Barcelona. For next post we'll share weeks which one of us is going to write here.

Down here are some pictures of Barcelona and one is actually from our work. We haven't still had much free time and/or energy to explore the city much and for this first week we've only learned some new things. So in next post will be more pictures about our work place and accomodation!


See you next time!


Pihla y Tuihti